Executive Board members:

James Egbert, Esq.

Davita Mueller

Mike Pena

Max Allen

Calvin Baker

Sandy Knowlden

David Yubeta

Carla Kerekes-Martin

Al Flores

Jamie Kayle, Rincon Valley Fire Chief

Advisory Board:

Drew Gorski

Marley Lamb

Robin Pinto

Joy Mehulka

Elizabeth Webb

Sarah Hiteman

Barbara Mayer

Neal Lutyens

Paul O’Bert

Ed Wagner

Robert Leftwich

VPS Community Historical Advisory Board:

Janine Aguilar

Charlotte Cook

Sondra Dahlberg

Royce Davenport

Rebecca Howey

Charlotte Kimble

Robert Leftwich

Tracy Martin

Jo Maxwell

Ann Miko

Ron Miko

Jenny Selensky

Suzanne Swetnam

Tom Swetnam

Sandy Whitehouse

Executive Director:

J.J. Lamb is a founding member of the Vail Preservation Society, a 2011 Arizona Culturekeeper and the Vail Unified School District’s 2012 Vail Volunteer of the Year. She coordinated development of the New Deal in Arizona heritage tourism map, which earned a 2009 Governor’s Heritage Preservation Honor Award. She also developed the original Civilian Conservation Corps exhibit at Colossal Cave Mountain Park and the Voices of Vail exhibit housed at the Old Vail Store & Post Office and co-curated the Arizona Historical Society’s Civilian Conservation Corp in Southern Arizona exhibit. She is currently leading the Voices of Vail oral history program and historic preservation efforts in the greater Vail area. She graduated in 1981 from the University of Arizona with a degree in History and Anthropology. In 2012 she attended the American Association for State and Local History Seminar for Historical Administration and Leadership (SHA). She credits her grandparents, who moved to Vail in 1971, with her passion for history, for Vail, and for the desire to give future generations connections to their community and heritage.


Voices of Vail documentary: Dennis Farris

Evaluation & Planning, Marketing: Lucretia Free

Public Relations & Marketing: Ed Wagner, Lucretia Free

Website: uShine technologies

Logo Design: Valerie Smith

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