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Vail’s Heritage Continues With You!
Preservation is about more than bricks and mortar; its true value is in its ability to bring community members together. The Vail Preservation Society and its Partners are always looking for ways to Connect Community Through Local History. Much like the community whose history we work to preserve, VPS Partners bring diverse talents and backgrounds to their work. From volunteering for our annual spring road clean-up, stewarding a section of the Arizona Trail, providing public outreach programs, scanning photographs, recording oral histories, organizing our library and writing grants to participating in preservation workshops, volunteers are the heart of our organization.

You can help preserve our heritage by becoming a Partner today. As the greater Vail area continues to grow, we must maintain connections to the unique cultural and natural heritage that drew us here. You can be part of our efforts to raise awareness of and deepen appreciation for our region’s extraordinary history as well as to strengthen our sense of place and community.

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