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Storying Arizona-Celebrating Every Voice Student Storytelling or Oral History Project Opportunity

Storying Arizona is an online platform that connects to the heart of what it means to be an Arizonan. Storying Arizona celebrates our collective story, one that we weave together:

stories of epic accomplishments, personal struggles, community sagas, scientific discoveries, nature, social justice, cultural understanding, politics, and the business of life. Arizona’s broad expanses, cultural richness, extreme climate variations, and unique flora and fauna provide a panoramic backdrop for the lives of Arizonans. Together, on Storying Arizona, we can ensure that no thread in Arizona’s tapestry, our story, goes unbound and untold. This is a place to celebrate every Arizona story past and present.

Storying Arizona Student Project Details:

  • Three student projects will be funded by Storying Arizona in 2017. Storying Arizona is funded through an Arizona Humanities grant received by Vail Preservation Society (VPS).
  • One project will be selected by Vail Preservation Society
  • Two projects will be selected by Vail Education Foundation
  • Teacher Stipend: $600. $300 at start of project, $300. January 2018.ProjectMaterials: $50.Providedatbeginningofproject.TeacherresponsibletoturninreceiptstoVPS.

    VPS will remit the teacher stipends and materials costs. Additional support may be provided as funding allows.

  • Timeframe: August 15, 2017 – January 31, 2018 with project(s) presented at Vail Pride Day Feb. 17, 2018.
  • Project materials and recordings will be archived with Vail Preservation Society.
  • Projects may result in: a public storytelling event, interviews-photos-research-exhibit, a student written play and presentation, stories or poems, art & story exhibit, web page, scrapbook, memory book, or student’s great idea!
  • Oral history best practices will be followed. Materials and information to be provided by VPS.
  • Projects to be displayed at Vail Pride Day at VPS and VEF spaces.
  • VPS acknowledged in materials, promotional materials, press releases as Storying Arizona hosting organization.
  • VEF acknowledged as Storying Arizona project partner in materials, promotional materials and press releases.
  • Storytelling Workshop – August 26, 2017. Attendance by teacher and students is highly recommended.
  • Will communicate monthly to VPS and VEF about project, progress, needs, support needed.Application on page 2

Storytelling & Oral History – Value to Students

A storytelling/oral history project is a platform to begin to understand the interactions, various perspectives and the values individuals assign to events, daily life, and to each other. In addition to the research and discipline required for an oral history or storytelling project, students will learn to think critically about facts, perspectives and the lenses through which society views events, history, and individuals. They will begin to understand the important role that they, not just historians, have to make sure every part of a story is told and represented. The goal of Storying Arizona is that students will recognize that they, and others, are part of a greater story; that individuals are shaped and in turn shape their communities, the world, and the future. Stories connect across geography, ideologies, generations, interests and politics. Stories touch our hearts and open our minds.

“An oral history is not just the song, but also the singing. Each human life is a brief historical note, which becomes part of the song of life. If a recording is made of notes, then the future can listen and learn. The value … is to find the answers to the question why? Why then and not now? Why here and not there? Why me and not you? A student oral history project will suggest answers for the future by preserving pieces of the past (and present).”—Linda P. Wood, Librarian.

From Arizona Humanities

“Congratulations to the Vail Preservation Society. Their outstanding proposal spoke to the heart of the

project – collecting stories, hosting conversations, exploring different cultures, engaging middle school

and high school youth, and their mission of cultivating local communities,” shared Brenda Thomson, Arizona Humanities Executive Director.

Storying Arizona-Celebrating Every Voice

Student Storytelling or Oral History Project Opportunity

Due by August 18, 2017

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